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01 / Increase Seat Capacity
02 / Cut Costs
03 / Maximise Profit

The world of airline scheduling is changing at a rapid rate, rewarding with more revenue and profit the airlines that push the status quo, leaving behind the ones that are slow to change.

The old way of airline scheduling process involves performing numerous labor intensive activities across many departments. Since this process is sequential, many airlines are unaware of how accurate their forecasts really are. 

In order to adapt and thrive in today’s airline industry, an airline needs an integrated approach to offer optimization. This means airlines need an all-in-one scheduling solution that accounts for a wide range of market, customer, and airline data such as dynamic changes in price, probability of upsell, revenue management, shopping, and network schedule or planning.

This is where optiFLY comes in. We can help any airline company create efficient flight paths and optimize an entire fleet of airplanes, which translates to flying more routes without buying new planes. By optimizing across the entire network, we have been responsible for up to 4% increase in some airline’s capacity during the summer schedule.


This increase in efficiency drives more profitability for any airline using optiFLY.   

The devastating effects of the Covid-19 on the airline industry have forced many airline businesses to re-assess their practices and how they will operate moving forward from the crisis. This is a wonderful opportunity for any airline company, large or small, to take advantage of our software optimization solutions to maximize capacity, cut operational cost, and increase profits in order to gain more market share after the pandemic.  


Maximise network profitability

Planes are your biggest cost, don't leave them sitting on tarmac needlessly

A holistic approach to flight scheduling and crewing leads to crewing optimizations which further reduces costs

Designing a schedule in hours not days, enables you to experiment and find the schedule that best fits your airline

Green Field scheduling, you'll never get to optimal efficiency if you always do what you have always done

Don't define solutions, bring optiFLY your problems and constraints, optiFLY will give you a range of answers, you select the best for your airline

Analyse competitor and partner schedules to suggest new routes, self connects and demand opportunity.


We Are optiFLY


We have assembled a team of technology veterans, comprising engineers and entrepreneurs, together we are building the most exciting software product in the aviation industry. With decades of experience in solver and optimization technology coupled with the latest cloud technology and a dedication to clean, easy and simple to use Interfaces we can help airlines reduce costs and increase profits.


Not since the Winglet has the aviation industry had a no brainer technology to cut their operational costs. Planes make money when they fly, they cost money when they sit idle on the ground, optiFLY uses graph theory, artifical inteligence and  optimization algorithms to find and fix poor optimization in an airlines network schedule.


Proprietary and novel algorithms that combe several ops research methodologies, including, Heuristics, neighbourhood search, random seeding and utilizing elastic cloud compute to pseudo parallelise the algorithms and unleash the power of the cloud. Always with a clean and intuitiuve UI.





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